Who We Are

Welcome to East Dayton Christian Church. We’re glad you’re here. We hope this is a helpful glimpse of the heart and passion of this church.

EDCC is a place for you to start over. No matter where you have been, no matter what you have done, God’s grace gives us a new beginning. Through His grace we find forgiveness, healing, and freedom. Addictions can be faced, marriages can be mended, and lives can be healed.

EDCC is a place to be real and authentic. We are not people pretending to have it all together. We are imperfect people who have tasted God’s love and mercy, and try to live every day in gratitude of it. If you want a description of who we are, we’re a community of believers who cheer each other on and lift each other up. ┬áSo, just come as you are, with the baggage of your past, your pain and your mistakes. God will meet you with acceptance, love and forgiveness.

We believe that Jesus is the source of real life and real life change. Come and experience a God who loves you passionately.

Join us Sundays for worship @ 10:30 am. Children’s ministries up to 5th grade offered during each worship service.